Meet the IASS 2024 Chairs – Jacqueline Pauli

Each week, one of the IASS 2024 Symposium Chairs answers four questions about the upcoming event. This week we spoke to Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Pauli.

Dr. Jacqueline Pauli, currently a member of the Executive Board of ZPF Ingenieure and Lecturer at ETH Zurich, is Full Professor of Structural Design in the Department of Architecture. Jacqueline’s research is concerned with the quest for highly efficient and practicable load-​bearing structures based on resource optimisation processes. She makes use of a number of standardised ecological parameters, together with forward-​looking production techniques such as additive manufacturing and robotic (pre-​)fabrication.

Jacqueline, why is it IASS 2024 a great place to meet?

Meeting structural engineers and structural designers both from industry and academic research from all over the world is an unique opportunity at IASS 2024.

It is a place to learn from and discuss with each other about the challenges that lie ahead and possible solutions to deal with them. Drastically and rapidly reducing the carbon footprint of the construction sector will only be possible if we join forces and IASS 2024 will be a great possibility to further advance in this process.

What do you look forward to during the symposium?

A thriving atmosphere of ideas and visions, knowledge and solutions. 

Meeting with international experts to learn about their local skills and construction techniques as well as groundbreaking theoretical work.

How do you envision the IASS 2024 symposium contributing to the advancement of knowledge in its field?

As mentioned before, to reduce the carbon footprint we all need to work together. 

To come up with possible solutions and discuss ideas among experts, conferences like the IASS 2024 are tremendously important, because directly bringing people together can be much more effective than reading each others publications. 

Is there anything you would like to share with the IASS 2024 participants?

I am really looking forward to welcoming and meeting all of you in person in Zürich in August, as I believe that together we can achieve this turn-around if we really set our minds on the common goal of global carbon reduction of the construction sector.