Terms & Conditions

IASS 2024 Terms & Conditions

1. Symposium Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by the participants / Deadline: Thursday, 21 June 2024

Cancellations must be notified in writing (e-mail is sufficient) to the Symposium Organising Committee (contact details in section 4). Cancellations made by 21 June 2024 will result in a full refund less CHF 150- to cover administration costs. After June 21 cancellation is a 100% cost forfeiture. There will be no cancellation allowance for failure to secure a visa to Switzerland. It is recommended that travel insurance be secured personally upon registration. The Organising Committee reserves final decision on a case-by-case basis for granting a cancellation in extenuating circumstances after the 21 June 2024 date.

As an alternative to cancellation, a personal registration may be transferred to another person by 21 June 2024 without incurring any cost penalty, after June 21 the penalty shall be a 150 CHF administration cost (paid at symposium registration). No transfers will be allowed or approved after August 2, 2024.

The Symposium Organising Committee must receive a request in writing of any alterations or transfers, the Organising Committee will then confirm the request in writing if approved.

Cancellation by Symposium Organising Committe

All IASS membership registrations will with verified directly with IASS. In case where such registrations have been made, without there being a valid membership in place, the IASS Organising Committee will give the participant a 10 days notice to become an IASS member, or thereafter the registration will be cancelled.

All student registrations will be verified. All students will be required to show their student ID cards at the registration check-in. If this is not possible, student registration will be cancelled on the spot, and the option to buy a full-price ticket will be offered.

All registrations are confirmed only upon payment has been received. In case of invoice payments, a period of 10 days will be allowed for payment to be transferred.

2. Accommodation Booking and Cancellation Policy

Deadline: as per hotel

Registered symposium delegates are responsible for booking their own accommodation. It is recommended that delegates book their accommodation sufficiently in advance. The IASS 2024 Symposium Organising Committee including the host institutions and the IASS Association do not assume any responsibility for individual accommodation booking.

For a list of range of hotels please refer to the symposium website page: https://iass2024.org/web/index.php/travel-information/. For full details of booking and cancellation policy, refer to the relevant hotel websites.

3. Release Agreement (papers, photos, video, audio recordings)

Registered delegates grant permission for their papers to be published according to the IASS guidelines: https://iass-structures.org/Publications

Registered participants agree that the IASS Association and/or ETH Zurich and/or NCCR DFAB, the host organisations, may use photographs, video or audio recording taken of the participants, their work, and presentations during the IASS 2024 Symposium and any associated events. The host organisations may use this media without any chronological, geographical or thematic restrictions for reporting, communications and marketing. This includes all current and future rights of use, including allowance to give cooperating partners a restricted right of use for purposes closely related to those of the host organisations here mentioned.

The photographed person herewith renounces any remuneration related to the photographs taken of him/her (including of his/her work presented at the IASS 2024 Symposium), neither from the IASS, ETH Zurich, NCCR DFAB, nor from third parties (photographer, agency, etc.).

4. Enquiries

Please direct any enquiries regarding the Terms and Conditions, or any requests regarding registration cancellation or transfer to:

IASS 2024 Symposium Organising Committee via email admin@iass2024.org