David Campbell P.E.

This year’s Honorary Member of the IASS is David Campbell P.E., an established American Engineer. He began his career as an engineering consultant at Geiger Berger Associates in New York City and was one of the founding members of Geiger Engineers, an engineering consulting firm in Suffern, New York. David led the company as Chief Executive Officer from its inception in 1988 until 2022. The firm specialises in long-span structures, tensile membrane structures, and structures and mechanisms for sports and live entertainment venues and events. David holds engineering licences in eighteen states, including New York, and is registered in three Canadian provinces. A specialist in sport facilities, he has authored numerous technical papers on long-span, tensile, and sports structures and is a member of various engineering associations in addition to IASS.

In addition to his expertise in tension membrane and long-span structures, David has consulted on construction engineering to contractors for a number of major sports buildings, including Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas (USA), Bank Stadium in Minneapolis (USA), and the Chase Center in San Francisco (USA). He also has extensive experience in entertainment rigging and has consulted for events including the Olympic Games, the Pan Am Games, NFL Superbowl halftime shows, the MTV Video Awards, the Academy Awards, and the Grammys.

Projects and Recognitions

In his 45 years of engineering practice, David has had a significant role in many unique spatial structures. At Geiger Berger Associates he was an engineer for the tensile membrane roof of Canada Harbour Place in Vancouver, BC, Lindsay Park Center in Calgary, Alberta, the Redbird Arena at Illinois State University, and the air-supported roof of BC Place in Vancouver, BC. At Geiger Engineers he has served as Structural Engineer of Record for significant projects including the new roof of the JMA Wireless Dome at Syracuse University, the New Armstrong Stadium at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York, NY, the 2002 World Cup Stadium Roof Canopy in Seoul, Korea, and the retractable roof for the B.C. Place Stadium Revitalization in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

JMA Wireless Dome, New Roof, Interior, Syracuse University, in Syracuse, (2020, USA). Photo by Rafael Gamo Photographer.

Geiger Engineers: https://www.geigerengineers.com/