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Travel documents for entering Switzerland

All foreign nationals must have proof of their identity in order to enter Switzerland and must assume any and all responsibility for securing any required visa or travel approvals. Please read through the official Swiss Confederation documents and visa guidelines here.

Should you require a supporting letter, please indicate this to us during the registration process, or otherwise write to us on

Travelling to Switzerland

By Air
Many airlines land in Zurich, Basel and Geneva, serving over 100 destinations worldwide. All airports are well connected by the Swiss rail system. The Zurich International Airport is just under 10 minutes train ride away from Zurich central train station, “Zürich Haptbahnhof”.

By Rail
Zurich is directly connected all major European destinations. For more information on train connections and times visit the online portal for trains, bus, and tram travel.

By Car
Switzerland is linked to Europe’s extensive motorway network. Motorway vignette’s are mandatory for driving on any national autobahn – information here.

Travelling within Zurich and Switzerland

Switzerland has excellent transport infrastructure. Visitors can travel safely, efficiently, and affordably using the well interconnected train, bus, and tram networks.

Local Transport:

  • Tickets can be purchased online at the online ticket shop, using the ZVV-app, or at any stop using ticket machines (which can be set to English)
  • Tickets can be purchased for 1hr, or 24hrs. (NOTE: 24hr tickets are only 2x the cost of 1hr tickets!)
  • Travel from the airport to the city centre are zones: zone 110+121 and includes the main city area.
  • For city travel in the main area of Zurich we recommend the purchase of a daily 110 zone day travel pass
  • To find your nearest transport connections within Zurich, you can use the ZVV connections portal or the ZVV-app
  • For an overview, you can download the Zurich city transportation map here.

Regional and National Transport:

  • SBB is the Swiss national Rail service – and tickets are integrated with local transport providers.
  • Train Tickets can be purchased online, using the SBB-app, or at any station using the ticket machines (also in English)
  • All transport connections within Zurich and the rest of Switzerland can be found using the SBB Swiss travel portal
  • The SBB app and can be downloaded here (national and regional tickets, timetables, maps).
  • The Zurich region transportation map can be seen here.
Booking Hotel Accommodation

Symposium participants are responsible for booking their own accommodation. We recommend that you book your hotel early. Zurich has limited hotel rooms available, and August is a busy visitor time.

The location of the symposium is the ETH Hönggeberg Campus, maps link here and is easily reached by public transportation.

Zurich Tourism Partner Hotels
Zürich Tourism is holding a limited number of rooms exclusively for participants of the IASS 2024 Symposium at a fixed rate until July 25. All hotels marked below with * are Zürich Tourism partner hotels. To secure your accommodation at these partner hotels, please use the link here:

Below we have listed hotels within 5 city areas, all of which have easy transportation routes to the Hönggerberg ETH Campus.

Area 1: Zurich ETH, Central Campus
This area is close to the city centre, the main train station, the old-town, and the ETH central campus. A free ETH Link bus service operates between the ETH central and Hönggerberg campuses, making travel to the symposium very easy. In this area, consider the following hotels:

Area 2: Zurich Main Station (Zürich Hauptbahnhof)
The train station is a vibrant area including Bahnhofstrasse, the Europaallee development and the Zurich old-town. There are numerous public transport routes to the Hönggerberg campus. In this area, consider the following hotels:

Area 3: Zurich West
Zurich West is a new and exciting area, great for arts, design, and culture lovers. From here, buses no.72 and no.83 take you to “Bucheggplatz”, and from there bus no.69 takes you directly to the ETH Hönggerberg campus. In this area, consider the following hotels:

Area 4: Zurich Altstetten
This upcoming area is an extension of Zurich West. From here, bus no.80 takes you directly to the Hönggerberg campus. In this area, consider the following hotels:

Area 5: Zurich Oerlikon
Zurich Oerlikon is the closest area to the Hönggerberg campus. From the “Oerlikon Nord” side of the station bus no.80 takes you directly to the campus. In this area, consider the following hotels:

Alternative Accommodation in Zurich and the surrounding region
August is prime tourism season in Zurich, and accommodations may be constrained. Alternative accommodation are worthwhile to investigate – especially for groups of participants. The following platforms maybe useful:

What to do in Zurich and Switzerland

Art, Culture and Museums
Zurich boasts a plethora of galleries, museums, and cultural institutions. Kunsthaus Zurich is a home to an extensive collection of Swiss and international art spanning from the Middle Ages to contemporary works. Notably, the most recent Kunsthaus extension, designed by architects David Chipperfield, is in itself worth a visit. For a list of art and cultural highlights, visit here.

Switzerland, and Zurich in particular, is a mecca destination for architects and engineers alike. From the old town to the modern Zurich West, there are plenty of opportunities for great insta shots. The ArchDaily offers a list of 23 spots Architectural enthusiasts should not miss.

Zurich’s culinary scene is a must for any visitor. From traditional Swiss cuisine to international flavours, the city offers a diverse array of gastronomic experiences. Sample decadent Swiss chocolates and artisanal cheeses at the renowned Confiserie Sprüngli or explore the vibrant food markets such as the Viadukt Market. For the serious foodies, here is the Zurich Michelin guide.

Zurich’s picturesque waterways are the place to be. There is no summer without evenings of drinking and swimming at one of Zurich’s lake- or river-side baths, or as the local call them “Badis”. Zurich’s rich bathing culture makes it the top summer activity. Here is a list of the best Zurich Badis.

Excursions from Zurich
For those planning a longer trip, there are extensive opportunities for single or multi day excursions. Single day trips include lake cruises, waterfalls, and hiking in the mountains. These are the top 9 trips from Zurich recommended for you.

Do you have further questions?

For further questions regarding travel and accommodation, please write to
We hope you will enjoy your stay in Zurich!