IASS 2024 Volunteers

To coordinate the week of activities we need a group of helpful, ambitious, dedicated and reliable volunteers.

IASS Volunteers will take on tasks such as:

  • Reception and Information desk staffing
  • Registration and badge support
  • Welcome support and hosting of the Keynote Speakers and IASS VIPs
  • On-campus wayfinding guides and runners
  • Badge and access controls for rooms
  • Exhibition set-up, support and staffing
  • Assistance with catering set up, and events
  • General symposium set-up, clean-up, and logistics support
  • Workshop day and Technical Tour assistants

Volunteers should be present and available at ETH Hoenggerberg to support symposium activities between Thursday August 22 and Friday August 30th.  Volunteers may be engaged for set-up coordination on the days leading up to the symposium (22-24), on the Workshop day (25th) and for 3-4 hours each day of the symposium (shifts: morning, lunch, afternoon, evening – 26-29th), and a few lucky assistants will also accompany the Technical Tours (30th).

In exchange for your time and assistance, all volunteers will be granted a full FREE symposium registration, which includes admission to all sessions, networking events, social events, and the gala dinner.

All participants will have opportunities to participate in some of the sessions and presentations, and in all of the events. However(!), it is important to acknowledge that many of the volunteer tasks will be “away” from the active sessions and presentations. Volunteers may not be able to attend all the symposium presentations and keynotes. Efforts will be taken to distribute the needed tasks over the time and across all volunteers (and to accommodate special wishes), but this will be real work – and dedication and reliability are required.

This is a great opportunity to be in a visible position at IASS, to increase your personal contact with speakers and presenters, and to engage with the larger IASS community in a very proactive way.

It will be a full, active, and challenging week – but it will also be motivating, engaging and fun – and you will be a very important part of our IASS 2024 team!

To apply as a volunteer – used the application link in the e-mail (sent to eligible researchers and students).