Working Groups

Each IASS Working Group typically organises paper sessions at the IASS annual symposium related to their topic of interest. Additionally, Special Sessions are also developed for each symposium with specific topics aligned to one or multiple Working Groups.

IASS Working Groups

Overview: IASS Working Groups

Special Sessions

Additionally Authors may also choose to position their papers in an IASS 2024 Special Session

  • Special Session: Continuous Shells: New perspectives in research and construction (WG5)
  • Special Session: Adaptive Reuse of 20th Century Historic Concrete Shells (WG5 + WG17)
  • Special Session: Next Generation Parametric Design (WG13)
  • Special Session: Numerical methods for geometry, form-finding and optimization of lightweight structures (WG13)
  • Special Session: Regenerative Design(WG18)
  • Special Session: Combining high-end digital and low-tech teaching methods for shell and spatial structures within the planetary boundaries (WG20)